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Introducing the PLG Invitational Tournaments, a one of its kind invitation-only online showcasing some of the best teams in the region, front our past events and champions, online and live. Teams currently compete in DOTA 2 and CS:GO in one day cups, live stream head to heads and double elimination brackets over the course of each season. We have now started having our Games Weeks champions play off against each other in a new existing addition to the competitive season.

Matches from the tournament will be livestreamed on the Power League Gaming official Twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/plg

Geforce Cup DOTA 2 Tournament

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DOTA 2 will be coming to Egypt, where the best local teams will get a chance to face off against each other for 3,000 USD / 23,500 EGP. This special activity is planned on an extra day, August 20th at Egypt Games Week. Join NVIDIA on 18th or 19th August at NVIDIA’s demo area during Egypt Games Week, to confirm your participation and registration. There will be many surprises, prizes such as graphic cards and DOTA2 Geforce Cup (Egypt) to be won, plus many more.

PLG Invitational CS:GO Tournament

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Games Weeks champions are in for a bigger challenge against community members from the Jordan Games Week a few months ago. Many Jordanian champions made a name for themselves recently and they want to take on tougher competition when we find out who from Egypt Games Week will join the PLG Pro Circuit Invitational. Yes it's EGW vs JGW on two absolutely massive titles CS:GO and DOTA 2.

If you and your team are ready to represent the Egyptian community you will need to send an email to pro@powerleaguegaming.com and find out about all the details for the special activity 20th August DOTA2 Geforce Cup with NVIDIA, that will kick off this awesome set of competitions.

PLG Invitational DOTA 2 Tournament

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Please let us know if you and your team have what it takes to compete, we can help advise on how to qualify and introduce your to teams and players that are looking for new recruits. Write to us with the details to pro@powerleaguegaming.com if you have a team that is ready to face their next challenge.

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